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The End of Lost Tippet

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Are you tired of chasing tippet around your spool each time you gear up? If so then a FlyReelDot is the answer.

I utilize a manufacturing process that emphasizes quality, so that the product will last for many seasons to come. A FlyReelDot
consists of a 5/8 VelCoin set and a Dot, which is a durable printed image sealed for water resistance and a thickness of 30 mil.

You place the Velcro loop pad on your fly reel where you would like it, then the Velcro hook pad is placed on the back of  the Dot. Next lay your tippet or leader over the loop pad leaving a few inches of line extend beyond the pad. Attach the Dot to the pad, wrap the tippet around the base a couple times and that is all there is to it.

Click on the Video tab above to see how a FlyReelDot works.

When fishing my recommendation is to place the Dot in your reel case, or in a pocket for extra security against loss. We don’t want you to lose your Dot while fishing.


CaseDots are used to identify what is in your rod tubes and reel cases. You are able to write on the back of each CaseDot what the contents are, and/or your name or phone number. The Line CaseDot is the ultimate Dot for identification.

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